Reycling – Information from District Councillor Barbi Lund


Some residents have raised concern about what items are currently being recycled. I received the following information in response to my request for clarification.


Collections continue as previously for now. The map on the Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) website shows the original roll out plan for Recycle More. Due to COVID-19 this has not yet come into effect and a note to this effect has been added on the website.  SWP are working on a new roll out timetable and the page will be kept updated.


The collection of textiles and shoes from the kerbside recycling (and recycling centres) has been temporarily suspended as the textiles markets internationally have closed down and so no guarantee that they could be recycled.   All other materials are collected as normal and details can be found on their website 


With regards to plastic bottles and other recyclables at the kerbside, these are all recycled and have always been.  None of the materials we accept for recycling at the kerbside are sent to landfill.  Our kerbside sort recycling service where materials are sorted by both the householder, and then the crew, mean that we have a very high quality recyclate with low contamination.  This is in high demand by reprocessors and over 90% is recycled in the UK.  Each year we publish exactly what has happened to the recyclables we collect from the kerbside in our ‘Beyond the Kerb’ report.  This can be found on our website here:


It seems that some of the confusion has stemmed from the reopening of recycling centres and the restricted materials being accepted there.  Because access to many of the recycling skips has not been available, we have been asking people not to take anything that can be recycled at the kerbside to a recycling site, because if it is taken there, it will go in the landfill skip until such time as the recycling skips are available again.  We asked people to continue to store other recyclables at home if possible.


We are increasing the materials accepted at recycling centres on a regular basis, and this week reopened a number of skips including those for plastic pots, tubs and trays. 


The cartons and Tetra-Pak banks along with cardboard and other kerbside materials are still closed and will be reopened as soon as we can.  Further information can be found on our website: