Recent Parish Planning applications for Parish Council recommendations

20212828LBC Vanity Park Cottage North Street

20212907HSE Corn House Ringwell Lane

20212928FUL Bell Hill Garage Bell Hill

20212792HSE Clink Cottage Town Barton

20212507HSE The Old Bakery High Street

202112629FUL Mount Pleasant Farm

20212630LBC Mount Pleasant Farm

20210248FUL Church of Our Lady Bell Hill.pdf Revisions November 2021

20212380TCA Church Mead Recreation Area

20212476TCA Church Farm House

20212161LBC The George Inn

20212160FUL The George Inn

20212451TCA The Corn House Ringway

20211696LBC Roadside High Street

20212129HSE 2 Ringwell

20212085TCA Dunkerton Church St

20211563FUL Land at Farleigh Road

20211945TCA Old Hopyward Wellow Lane

20211677TCA Next to the Old Vicarage Vicarage Lane

20211124LBC Albion Cottage High Street

20211100TCA Common Land at Lyde Green

20210955TCA 4 Chapel Row High Street

20210673FUL Land south of Hawkesmead Close

20210685LBC Roadside High Street

20210445HSE 7 Hawkesmead Close

20210299LBC 1 High Street

20210298FUL 1 High Street

20210248FUL Church of Our Lady Bell Hill

20210225LBC Bell Cottage Ringwell Lane

20210209LBC Watercress Cottage Farleigh Hungerford

20210208HSE Watercress Cottage Farleigh Hungerford

20202516FUL Mount Pleasant Farm

20202417HSE Castle House

20202418LBC Castle House

20202569TCA The Paddock Malthouse Lane

20202053FUL Fortescue Fields

20202400FUL Hungerford Arms

20202401LBC Hungerford Arms

20202277FUL Land south of Hawkesmead

20202364TCA The Rectory Vicarage Lane

20202180OTA Land at Frome Road

20202114TCA The Oaks Bath Road

20201889VRC Cranmore House Vicarage Lane

20201919HSE Bell Hill House

20201894HSE 1 Wells Road

20201807LBC Burgate Cottage Ringwell Lane

20201375TCA Albion Cottage

20201256HSE The West Wing The Old Vicarage

20201338TCA Albion Cottage High Street

20201167TCA The Old Hopyard

20201120FUL Land at Longmead Close

20201106TCA Greystones High Street

20201029HSE East Lodge Tellisford Lane

20200966TCA The Old Coach House Bath Road

20200726HSE 7 Ringwell

20200653HSE Broadlands Bath Road

20200690FUL Land Adj Barn The Barton

20200584TCA Church Cottage Vicarage Lane

20200434LBC Manor Farm Cottage

20200433HSE Manor Farm Cottage

20200295TCA Field View 2 High St

20193041HSE 7 Ringwell

20192976FUL Fortescue Fields Phase II

20192945TCA 6 Monmouth Paddock

20192944TCA Norton House Bath Road

20192922AFUL Lower Haven Farm

20192700TCA Lyde Green The Barton

20192722HSE 12 Hawkesmead Close

20192549OTS Land Adj to the Barn The Barton

20192545LBC Lodge Farm Farleigh Hungerford

20192544FUL Lodge Farm Farleigh Hungerford

20192552FUL Land at the Barton

20192474LBC Manor Farm Cottage Bell Hill

20192473HSE Manor Farm Cottage Bell Hill

20192399HSE East Lodge

20192284TCA Brooklyn Cottage Church Street

20192265HSE Crossed Swords Cottage

20192240TCA Roadmenders Cottage Town Barton

20192137HSE Sunnyside Bath Road

20191821TCA Brooklyn Cottage Church St

20191779FUL Wick Farm Trowbridge Road20191781LBC Wick Farm Trowbridge Road

20191386HSE Broadlands Bath Road

20191501FUL Cottage Farm Tellisford Lane

20191603TCA Roadmenders Cottage

20191179HSE 3 Upper Farm Close

20191023HSE 1 Monmouth Paddock

20190310LBC Grafton House

20190634HSE Lanston House 81 Fortescue Street

20191001TPO 1 Church Street

20190690HSE Sunnyside Bath Road

20190535HSE Belvedere Tellisford Lane

20190026FUL Valley View Bath Road

20190011LBC Church Farm House

20183066FUL Lower Haven Farm

20183056VRC Land south Longmead Close

20182957FUL 7 Upper Farm Close

20182812VRC Orchard Cottage

20182878TCA The Barton, The Barton

20182577VRC Pennys Peace Mackley Lane

20182481HSE Chapel House Bell Hill

20182395FUL Age restricted dwellings land south Longmead Close

20182388FUL Plots 21-23 Land to the south Longmead Close

20182386FUL Footpath surfacing Land south Longmead Close

20182451TCA Church Farm House
20182356TCA The Oaks Bath Road

20182012aFUL Haven Timber

20182188TCA Roadmenders Cottage

20182192TCA The Old Stables

20181969LBC Hermitage House Church Lane FH

20181968HSE Hermitage House Church Lane FH

20182058HSE Brook Cottage Church Lane Farleigh Hungerford

20181975HSE 16 Springfield

20181881REM Land adj The Barn, The Barton

20181851HSE 1 Springfield

20170918FUL Appeal 7 Upper Farm Close

20181302FUL Church of Our Lady

20181582HSE 4 Monmouth Paddock

20173324HSE Burgate Cottage decision notice

20181341LBC 5-6 Chapel Row

20181340HSE 5-6 Chapel Row

20181068FUL 1 Monmouth Paddock

20180724TCA Church Meadow House

20180314CLE Bell Hill Garage House

20173358HSE Chevers House

20173324HSE Burgate Cottage

20173247LBC Mount Pleasant Farm

20173246HSE Mount Pleasant Farm

20172959HSE 17 North Street

20173019HSE 6 Norton Grange

20172910TCA Underhill 3 Fair Close

20172202FUL Lyde Green Cottage Lyde Green

20171380REM Land to the south of Longmead Close

20171873LBC Ebenezer Chapel

20171786HSE 2 Ringwell

20171825TCA Albion Cottage

20171632HSE 7 Fair Close

20171421HSE Ranmore Cottage Town End

20171591HSE Church Meadow House

20171586HSE 6 Norton Grange

20171086CLE Springleaze

20170815HSE Valley View

20170861HSE Rowan Tree

20170779HSE 7 Fair Close

20170820TCA 6 Monmouth Paddock

20170745HSE Barnfield

20170465LBC NSP COE First School

20170468FUL NSP COE First School

20161293OTS Appeal Land adj to The Barn The Barton

20161292FUL Appeal Land at The Barton

20163081PAA Norwell View

20170289FUL Brownshutters

20163072HSE 7 Longmead Close














20161895VRC Former Foma Vicarage Lane

20161885LBC Norwood Farm

20161829TCA Gable Cottage

20161786FUL Farleigh House

20161724ADV 1 Fortescue Street signage

20161561FUL 1 Fortescue Street

20161241HSE Lochailort House Fortescue St

20161293OTS Land adj The Barn Town Barton

20161328TCA Church of St Philip and St James

20161260HSE Church Meadow House

20160890FUL Retail Unit 1 Fortescue Street

20161156OTS Dulcote Quarry

20161155FUL Dulcote Quarry

20161059TCA The Oaks

20161118TCA Norton St Philip C of E School

20160679HSE Leslie House

20160989LBC Lodge Farm

20160898TCA Burgate Cottage Ringwell Lane

20160518FUL 59 Fortescue Street

20160109HSE 25 Springfield

20160109HSE 25 Springfield

20160143HSE Beech View

20160182ADV Retail Unit Fortescue Street

20160181FUL Retail Unit Fortescue Street

20160134HSE 1 Church Street

20152845LBC Nortons

20152935VRC Former chicken processing factory

20152959VRC 63 Fortescue Street

2015958VRC Former chicken processing factory

APPQ3305W153137574 Land south Longmead Close

20152442LBC Farleigh House

20152383CLE Brownshutters Airfield

20152254LBC The Plaine Guest House

20152254FUL The Plaine Guest House

20152034HSE 2 High Street

20152335LBC Burgate Cottage

20152237LBC 5 Farleigh Road

20152236HSE 5 Farleigh Road

20152152FUL Lower Haven Farm
20151662HSE 9 Longmead Close

20151748HSE The Barn The Barton

20151650LBC Manor Farm House

20151589HSE 9 Chatley Furlong

20151517REM Land to the South of Longmead Close

20151450FUL Hillside Cottage

20151326OTS Land Adj The Barn The Barton

20151003FUL Mount Pleasant Farm

20151009VRC 1 Farleigh Road


The appeal for the East Site, Laverton Triangle has been dismissed.

The appeal for the West Site, Fortescue Road has been dismissed.

Please see below for the full appeal decision:

Appeal decision East Site Laverton Triangle

Planning Applications – Current

“2015/0541/VRC-Land To The South Of Longmead Close Norton St Philip Frome BA2 7NS  (on Paddock Land & Shepherds Mead)-Variation of conditions 1,2,3,4,and 5 to planning permission 2014/1877 for the erection of 8 Market Dwellings, 24 Sheltered Retirement Homes and a Wardens Dwelling to enable the development to be considered and carried out in three different phases.

Indication of site layout for Paddock and Shepherds Mead

Phasing plan

2015/0880/REM– Application for reserved matters approval for landscaping following outline planning permission 2011/3247-Chapel House, Bell Hill  (information not yet available on MDC planning search website)

20142693FUL The Old Mill Wellow Lane-Construction of a log cabin for use as a commercial holiday let for couples, built on owner’s land/garden behind existing tree house holiday let.

20141926FUL Hillside Bath Road-Removal of window and single-storey flat roofed porch at the inner junction of the main house and rear annexe, and replacement 2-storey structure with glazed walls on a low rubble stone wall, oak frames and a tiled roof.

20150496HSE Chestnut Court Church Farm-Installation of solar PV panels to rear (west) elevation.

20150642HSE 9 Chatley Furlong-Single storey rear and side extension.

20150698TCA Eastleigh North Street-Proposed pollarding of a Goat Willow tree in a Conservation Area

To view more details of any planning application please use the Mendip District Council planning application search facility  link below.

PLANNING APPLICATION SEARCH tool to search for individual planning applications throughout the District.

Is Planning Permission Required?

Advice on planning permission is available on the Government’s website Planning Portal – Permission and it provides a very useful interactive guide for householders requiring advice on the need for planning permission for a proposal.

Duty Planning Officer

The council provides a duty officer service aimed at providing customers with general planning advice by phone or in person. The service is available between 8:30am and 12pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays and training days (advance notice will be given on the website when the service is unavailable). The duty officer can be contacted either by telephone on 0300 303 8588 or in person at the Council Offices, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5BT. The aim of the duty officer service is to assist with general planning enquiries such as:

  •           The process of applying for planning permission.
  •           The information that is required with planning applications.
  •           Explanation or interpretation of planning policies.

You may enquire whether planning permission is required although it is not possible to confirm that a proposal does not need permission. For further information, please visit the Is Planning Permission Required? page on the website.

If you would like to establish the likelihood of planning permission being granted for your proposals, you will need to complete the form in accordance with our Pre-Application Service.

Householder development enquires only

For enquires relating to a “Householder” development, an informal opinion regarding the need for planning permission can be obtained verbally by accessing the Duty Planner service or in writing by completing the word icon Is Planning Permission Required Form [165kb] and posting it to the address shown or emailing it to We aim to respond to requests for written advice within 21 days. Please note that informal advice is at officer level only and is not a formal determination under section 192 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Some content used from, and more information can be obtained at Mendip District Council Planning

Rural Lettings Policy 2012

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