Forthcoming Norton St Philip Parish Council meeting agendas.

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NSPPC Agenda October 2018

NSPPC Agenda September 2018

NSPPC Agenda July 2018

NSPPC Agenda June 2018

NSPPC AGM May 2018

NSP Annual Parish Meeting 2018 – Agenda

NSPPC Agenda April 2018

NSPPC Agenda March 2018

NSPPC Agenda February 2018

NSPPC Agenda January 2017

NSPPC Agenda December 2017

NSPPC Agenda November 2017

NSPPC Agenda October 2017

NSPPC Agenda September 2017

NSPPC Agenda July 2017

NSPPC Agenda June 2017

NSP Annual General Meeting 2017 – Agenda

NSP Annual Parish Meeting 2017 – Agenda

NSPPC Agenda 12 April 2017 2

NSPPC Agenda March 2017

NSPPC Agenda 1 February 2017

NSPPC Agenda January 2017






NSPPC Agenda August 2016

NSPPC Agenda July 2016

NSPPC Agenda June 2016

NSPPC ExtraAg May 2016

APM 2016

AGM Agenda 2016

NSPPC Agenda April 2016

NSPPC Agenda March 2016

Agenda February 2016

NSPPC Agenda January 2016

Agenda December 2015

Agenda November 2015

Agenda October 2015

Agenda September 2015

Agenda July 2015

Agenda June 2015

Annual General Meeting 2015

Annual Parish Meeting 2015

Agenda May 2015

Agenda April 2015

Agenda March 2015

Agenda February 2015

Agenda January 2015

Meeting Dates And Venues

Meetings of Norton St Philip Parish Council 2018/2019

The meeting schedule for 2018/2019 is listed below.  Meetings take place at the Palairet Hall, Norton St Philip at 7.00 pm, unless otherwise stated:

Wednesday 13th June
Wednesday 11th July
Wednesday 12th September
Wednesday 10th October (Farleigh Hugnerford)
Wednesday 14th November
Wednesday 12th December
Wednesday 9th January
Wednesday 13th February
Wednesday 13th March
Wednesday 10th April (Farleigh Hungerford)
Wednesday 8th May – AGM and APM

Members of the public are very welcome to attend any meeting of the Parish Council. There is a ‘Public Forum’ at the beginning of every meeting where members of the general public are invited to speak for a maximum of ten minutes.

If you have an item you would like to be considered for the agenda, please send it to by 9.00am on the Friday before the meeting, or contact the Clerk 

Minutes Archive

 Published minutes from Norton St Philip Parish Council Meetings:

NSPPC Minutes September 2018

NSPPC Minutes July 2018

NSPPC Minutes June 2018

NSPPC AGM Minutes 2018

NSP AGM Mins 2017

NSPPC Minutes April 2018

NSPPC Minutes March 2018

NSPPC Minutes February 2018

NSPPC Minutes January 2018

NSPPC Minutes December 2017

NSPPC Minutes November 2017

NSPPC Minutes October 2017

NSPPC Mins September 2017

NSPPC Mins July 2017

NSPPC Mins June 2017

NSP Confidential Minute January 2017

NSPPC Minutes December 2016 including confidential session

NSP Confidential Minute February 2017/a>

NSP Confidential Minute August 2016

NSP APM Mins 2017

NSP AGM Mins 2017

NSPPC Minutes April 2017

Minutes 15_05_20 AGM

Minutes 15_05_06 APM

NSPPC Minutes March 2017

Revised February meeting minutes:
NSPPC Minutes February 2017

NSPPC Minutes February 2017

NSPPC Minutes January 2017

NSPPC Minutes December 2016





NSP Minutes July 2016

NSP Minutes June 2016

160512 NSP Minutes

160504 AGM Minutes

160504 APM Minutes

Minutes April 2016

NSP PC Minutes March 2016

NSP Minutes October 2015 – reissued

NSP Minutes February 2016

NSP PC Minutes January 2016

Minutes December 2015

Minutes November 2015

Minutes October 2015

Minutes September 2015
Minutes July 2015

Minutes June 2015

Minutes AGM 2015

Minutes 6th May 2015

Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 2015

Minutes 1st April 2015

Minutes 4th March 2015

Minutes 4th February 2015

Minutes 14 January 2015


Minutes 22 January 2014

Minutes 28 January 2014

Minutes 26 February 2014

Minutes 26 March 2014