Parish Council Elections 2019

Nomination forms for the parish council elections can now be submitted. Nomination packs can be downloaded from the Mendip District Council website.

Please note that completed nomination packs must be hand delivered – not posted.

The deadline for handing in the nominations is Wednesday 3rd April at 4.00 pm.

Leylandii trees, Fortescue Fields

The Parish Council received a letter on 12 March 2019 (copy below) from Mr Hugo Haig following damage to trees on Lochailort’s property in the village.

The PC’s position is exactly as it was when the Chairman met Mr Haig on 5 July 2017 to discuss the appearance of the leylandii along the perimeter of Fortescue Fields East and West. At that meeting, the Chairman spoke of the PC’s dismay, and that of the community in Norton St Philip, at the planting of these trees. He said that this planting had been very unwelcome in the village; and he also drew attention to concerns that the ancient hedgerows could lose moisture, nutrition and light. He requested that the leylandii be removed.

At the same time, he underlined that as regards deliberate damage to trees, such action in any part of the civil parish is unacceptable. The PC will continue to discourage such activity. Its views on this have already been set out in earlier statements and we reiterate our position following the damage that occurred a few days ago.

The PC draws a clear distinction between its concerns about the planting of these trees and its attitude to any deliberate damage to them.


Dear Clive
I understand that you have been made aware of the Criminal Damage and Trespass that has taken place at our land adjacent to Fortescue Fields.
Basically someone, probably under the instruction of others, has cut down 200 healthy trees, in the dead of night, with nefarious intent.
This is certainly not something we would not expect in such a pleasant Village such as Norton St Philip – and not meaning to make light out of this illegal act – it would be more becoming to something out of Midsummer Murders.
Lochailort has funded a substantial amount improvements to the Village and we are upset, as I am sure the other good residents of the Village must be, at this blatant act of wanton criminal behaviour.
We shall be replanting the trees.
In the meantime the Police have been notified and they are carrying out enquiries.
If anybody wishes to come forward with any information of this crime, which leads to a conviction, we are happy to offer a substantial reward, or make a similar donation to the Church or a Village charity.
We would be grateful if you would circulate this email to the Village and confirm when this has been done.
Kind regards
Hugo Haig,
Managing Director,
Lochailort Investments Ltd,
Eagle House,
108 – 110 Jermyn Street,

District and Parish Elections

Notices of Election for the District and Parish Council elections to be held on 2 May 2019 are attached, together with an election timetable.

Candidate packs are available from the District Council for both independent and party political candidates. The packs can be collected from the Council Offices, can be send by post on request or can be downloaded from the Mendip District Council website.

Nomination papers should be delivered by hand to Mendip District Council, please do not post them. The first day that they can be accepted is 19 March, and there will be a specific office where they can be delivered.

District Notice of Election

Parish Notice of Election

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Mendip District Council, the Local Planning Authority for the parish of Norton St Philip have published the Draft Neighbourhood Plan together with supporting documents on their website. The supporting documents include information on how representations may be made before the Draft Plan is submitted for Examination. The period during which representations may be made runs from Friday 1st March 2019 until Friday 12th April 2019. The relevant page of the MDC website is The information can also be seen on the dedicated Neighbourhood Plan website accessed though the banner on this site or by going to

Please note that you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser.