Financial Accounts

The Parish Council has completed and signed off its accounts for the financial year ending 31.03.2018.
The Annual Governance and Accounting statements are now with the external auditor.

The documents relating to this submission are below. Any parishioner wishing to inspect the accounts is invited to contact the Parish Clerk.
NSP PC AGAR 2017-19 Completed

NSP 2017-18 Bank reconciliation

NSP 2017-18 Explanation of variances

NSP 2017-18 Public rights dates

NSP 2017-18 Contact details

BUDGET 2015-2016 v 1

BUDGET 2016-17


NSP Accounts 31st March 2011

NSP Accounts 31st March 2012

NSP Accounts 31st March 2013

NSP Accounts 31st March 2014

NSP Accounts 31st March 2015

NSP PC Income year ending 31.03.2015

NSP PC Expenditure year ending 31.03.2015

NSP Accounts 31st March 2016

NSP PC Expenditure year ending 31.03.2016

NSP PC Income year ending 31.03.2016